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Newport Vehicle Accident Attorneys Offer Support for Injured Victims

Tennessee’s roads rank among the most dangerous in the country. Each year, auto collisions lead to an average of over 1,000 deaths in our state and cause even more injuries. Unfortunately, recovering from such injuries can be incredibly expensive. You could have hospital bills, doctors’ fees, insurance premiums and other related costs. Further, if you are unable to return to work, you might suffer from of lost wages. This could even jeopardize your future earning potential.

The Newport motor vehicle accident attorneys at Myers & Ball, LLP, understand the hardships wrongfully injured individuals face. We work tirelessly for every client to win the funds they need to successfully recover from their ordeal. If injured as a result of someone else’s negligence on the road, we can pursue compensation for:

  • Medical costs and ongoing care
  • Lost income (past, present and future)
  • Pain and suffering, emotional distress and other related considerations.

We prioritize you receiving the financial support you need in order to recover with as little stress as possible.

What Are Different Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Our personal injury law firm is based in Cocke County and serves greater eastern Tennessee. We offer assistance in a full range of vehicle injury matters, including:

  • Car wrecks. When another negligent passenger car driver is responsible for a wreck, the other driver has the right to pursue legal action to seek compensation for damages. Three things mostly cause car accidents: distracted driving, inclement weather conditions and intoxicated drivers.
  • Trucking accidents. Accidents involving semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles consistently cause more damage drivers and other vehicles. The most common causes of trucking accidents include driver error, aggressive driving and improperly stored cargo.
  • Motorcycle collisions. Motorcyclists are one of the most exposed motor vehicle drivers on the road. Even if wearing protective gear, little can be done when it comes down to flesh against metal traveling at high speeds. Speed does not even need to be a factor, either. A car going as slow as 35-40 miles per hour can still seriously injure a motorcyclist.
  • ATV crashes. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), “there are about 650 deaths and 100,000 injuries every year involving ATVs.” ATV accidents often occur due to ATV drivers going on public roadways, underage children driving or riding the vehicle and drivers/passengers not wearing protective gear.
  • Bicycle Accidents. Bicyclists have the same rights as other drivers on the road. However, they often end up as victims in motor vehicle accidents due to driver inattentiveness. Bicyclists can be harder to see, often positioned in a driver’s blind spot, or are an after-thought. When a driver is in a popular cyclist area, you need to exercise even more caution than normal and ensure that you share the road.
  • Vehicle Pedestrian Accident. A pedestrian struck by a vehicle while lawfully walking down the street is likely be seriously injured. As with motorcyclists and bicyclists, a car does not have to be going very fast to cause a significant injury. The most common injuries suffered by struck pedestrians include traumatic brain injury, shattered/fractured bones and internal bleeding.

Draw upon our Newport vehicle accident attorneys’ decades of combined experience. We can help you understand how much your injury claim is worth. Our lawyers are adept at negotiating with insurance companies to obtain favorable settlements. We can provide aggressive courtroom representation to our clients if an insurer tries to underpay a claim.

What Do I Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Being involved in any accident is a frightening event that no one wants to experience. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly common occurrence. We have seen firsthand the destruction that a negligent motor vehicle accident can leave behind. As a result, our Newport vehicle accident attorneys know what steps to take immediately following an accident:

  1. Seek medical attention. If your injuries are minor enough that you can call for medical attention, then do so before seeing if anyone else needs your help.
  2. Collect evidence. Hopefully, you have a working cellphone or camera. Take photographs of all damage done to vehicles, persons as well as the surrounding area (ie: broken light poles, guardrails etc.). Also, collect any contact information of all witnesses as their testimony will likely be useful in court proceedings. If possible, audio record witnesses describing the accident-especially to officers and first responders.
  3. Call your insurance. When you have settled everything at the scene, call your insurance company to report the accident as soon as possible. However, you might not want to give your insurance company a detailed statement regarding the incident. First, you should consult with a qualified Newport vehicle accident attorneys

Easing your pain and, whenever possible, facilitating your recovery stand as our firm’s ultimate aims. We work closely with our clients, keeping them informed of their options and helping them obtain an advantageous outcome.

We Work With You At Every Step — Call Us Today

If you or a family member has suffered an injury due to the negligence of another motor vehicle driver, we can help. Reach out to our local Tennessee personal injury law firm. Our Newport vehicle accident attorneys have dedicated their legal careers to helping the wrongfully injured recover as much as possible.

We offer free initial consultations, so we can assess your case without an immediate obligation to pay. Going forward, we work on a contingency basis. This means that we do not receive payment unless your case is won.

To speak with one of our lawyers, call our office in Newport at (423) 248-1023 or contact us online.

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