Reporting a Car Crash in Tennessee

Posted By Myers & Ball LLP, Posted On: December 29, 2020
Tennessee car accidents

Car crashes injure an estimated two to three million U.S. drivers each year. As of late December, 2020, more than 5,584 Tennessee drivers died or suffered serious injuries in car collisions across the state. Tennessee has several dangerous roads, especially Interstate 40. If you are in a car crash in Tennessee, you may need to report the collision to the authorities. 

Below, our Tennessee injury attorney provides more information on how to report a car accident in Tennessee (car accidents are also called car crashes or collisions).

When to Report a Car Accident in Tennessee

There are legal consequences for failing to report certain car crashes. If your crash resulted in the following, then you must report it to law enforcement.

  • Injuries or fatalities
  • Property damage exceeding $50

You may also have to report the crash if it occurs in a city or location that requires reporting crashes or if your insurance policy has a reporting requirement. 

In addition, there are scenarios where you must report a crash to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS). You must file a report with DSHS if your crash resulted in: 

  • Deaths or injuries
  • Property damage in excess of $400

You would need to file an Owner/Driver Accident Report with DSHS within 20 days. This is in addition to notifying law enforcement after the crash and regardless of who is at fault. Your driver’s license may be suspended for failing to notify DSHS of the crash. The purpose of filing a Owner/Driver Accident Report is to ensure motorists meet Tennessee car insurance requirements. You do not need to provide information about other people involved in the crash on the Owner/Driver Accident Report. 

How Do I Get a Crash Report in Tennessee?

You may be able to get a crash report from the law enforcement agency that investigated your crash. Depending on where the crash occurred, the law enforcement responsible for investigating may vary. 

The Tennessee Highway Patrol may investigate collisions that occur on highway or interstates. If THP investigated your crash, then you would need to request the report online or in person at the local THP district office. You can also request a crash report by mail. 

Local law enforcement, such as a city police department, may investigate crashes that occur in municipal areas. You would need to contact the department and follow their instructions for obtaining a crash report. 

Fortunately, a personal injury attorney can take care of this process for you after a crash. If your crash resulted in a serious injury or loss of a loved one, then you should strongly consider working with an attorney. Your attorney can help compile evidence, protect evidence and meet any filing requirements. 

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