Can I Recover Compensation After a Workplace Accident?

Posted By Myers & Ball LLP, Posted On: May 19, 2021
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A workplace accident can lead to injuries that leave you unable to return to work. You could be at risk of accruing medical expenses without having a source of income. Fortunately, you may have options to recover compensation for injuries that resulted from a workplace accident.

Option #1: Tennessee Workers’ Compensation

You may be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits if your injury occurred while you were performing your job duties. The same could be true if you develop an illness associated with your occupation. Your employer is required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance to pay for these costs when workers suffer harm on the job.

Workers’ compensation may help pay for doctors’ visits, medications and lost wages. You may be able to recover death benefits, which help pay funeral expenses and lost wages, if a loved one died in a workplace accident.

Option #2: Third-Party Claims

We recently published a detailed blog on what third-party claims are and when they may be filed. A “third party” is any other person or business that is not your employer. Common examples of third parties include product manufacturers, other drivers, contractors employed by other companies or property owners.

You may be able to recover compensation from these parties if they caused your workplace injury or illness. Family members may be able to file wrongful death lawsuits against these parties.

Option #3: Suing Your Employer

You most likely will not be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer. This option is only possible under limited circumstances. For example, it may be an option if your employer intentionally caused you harm or if they do not carry workers’ compensation coverage. Although this option is rare, it is not outside the realm of possibility.

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