Can I File a Third-Party Claim for a Work Accident in Tennessee?

Posted By Myers & Ball LLP, Posted On: August 25, 2021
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Data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that more than 60,000 Tennessee workers suffered job-related illnesses or injuries during 2016. For many of these workers, they would be unable to file a lawsuit against their employers. Instead of filing a lawsuit, they may have the option of using Tennessee’s workers’ compensation system to cover their medical bills and some lost wages.

While you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer in most cases, there are other parties who could be held accountable for your injuries. You may be able to file a third-party claim against a person or business who does not work for your employer.

Examples of third-party claims may include other drivers, product manufacturers or companies who have outside business relationships with your employer. For instance, you may be able to file a third-party claim if you were injured by a piece of defective machinery at work. The manufacturer of the defective equipment could be liable for damages. You may have a third-party claim if you were injured in a slip and fall accident while dropping off equipment at a warehouse owned by a separate company. In this case, the property owner might be liable. These are only two of many possible examples.

Third-party claims and workers’ comp have several key differences. Workers’ compensation covers medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages. For fatal work accidents, workers’ comp may cover a certain amount of funeral expenses and lost future income. Third-party claims allow you to recover noneconomic pain and suffering damages. Therefore, compensation from a third-party claim can be far greater than what is allowed under Tennessee’s workers’ comp system. You can also receive workers’ comp benefits and compensation from a third-party claim.

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Many people who are injured on the job are unaware they could file a third-party claim. There are multiple types of jobs where several businesses work together at the same worksite. In addition, workplaces often use equipment made by other companies. However, a third-party claim could be pursued even in an office environment.

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